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The Origin of
Ah Cheng Laksa has its origins since year 1960 in a small town in Alor Star, Kedah. A couple started peddling Asam Laksa to help make ends meet. Since then, the family’s recipe has been known for its unique flavour and special aroma. The business was taken over by one of their children, Ah Cheng, about ten years ago. She is now operates from the family courtyard in a small town called Simpang Empat in Alor Star, Kedah. A unique family recipe loved by the locals till today, it was brought into the Klang Valley in 2004 in the form of a chain shop by one of the family members. Today, Ah Cheng Laksa has expanded into four outlets in the Klang Valley, with a couple more in the pipeline.
What is so special about  
Originality is the secret to the popularity of this exotic Asam Laksa. Ingredients are carefully sourced from the North to ensure the consistency and qualities are maintained at all time. Ah Cheng Laksa’s mission is to provide the residents of the Klang Valley the opportunity to sample the traditional and original specialities from the North, without having to travel the distance. Different from traditional dining environment, Ah Cheng Laksa provides modern and comfortable environment for customers.  
Goals of
For our short term objective, we aim to open at least 10 outlets/kiosks by the end of 2011. While our long term objective is to open at least 35 outlets/kiosks throughout Malaysia within 3 years. We hope that Ah Cheng Laksa would become the emblem of Northern Asam Laksa in the future, and whenever members of the public think of Northern Asam Laksa, Ah Cheng Laksa would be the first thing that pop-up in their mind.